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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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Fourteen people were injured last April when a double-decker tram tipped over, with a 23-year-old driver later arrested for dangerous driving causing harm to others.
I have often wondered whether the two Bulleid 4-DD units could really be described as double-deckers, since they lacked two distinct decks (Letters, PE July).
It may be noted that double-decker buses had vanished decades ago from Lahore and other cities of Punjab but the same have been revived for the promotion of tourism.
While not every stretch of motorway would be suited to a double-decker design or require this kind of radical solution to traffic flow, there are swathes of the UK's motorway network that could be improved with such a scheme.
Double-decker buses will operate from Qaddafi Stadium to Minar-e-Pakistan.
When the logs came off the trailer, they hit both the double-decker bus and the tow truck.
In the last year Gist has added 40 double-deckers to their fleet increasing pallet capacity by over 50 percent compared to standard 26 pallet trailers.
A THREE double-decker buses were used in the classic 1963 film.
A double-decker bus has had its top ripped off after crashing into a low railway bridge in Essex.
Iraq's transport ministry says 60 new double-decker buses, made in Jordan, will start running this week on state-run lines.
The double-decker bus stuck underneath a railway bridge in Darlington
Scene in Fishponds Road, Bristol, where 18 people were injured after the roof of a double-decker bus was torn off