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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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Each winner will receive 50 x pounds 1 Super Cash Doubler National Lottery Scratchcards, which will be sent to the winners by registered post.
is selling surround sound, THX sound systems, line doublers and quadruplers for sharper pictures, and giant-screen front-projection movie systems, all housed in top-of-the-line cabinetry.
The TGC4403 is a K-band frequency doubler and includes a buffer amplifier.
TriQuint is sampling its new gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (Gs) hybrid power doublers as well as its MMIC power doublers.
Singleton also kicked six of Wales's eight goals, Liam Doubler and Gareth Kerr chipping in while the Welsh looseforward was off the field.
The SP6661 is a fast, highly efficient charge pump inverter / doubler capable of delivering up to 200mA over the output voltage range -5.
Bouse beat 2012 Welsh singles champion, Damian Doubler (Cardiff) in the quarter-final, then following a comfortable win over Swansea's Gavin Rees, son of former World Pairs champion, Steve, in the semi, he defeated Rhondda's Luke Davies, who has been named in the under-25 team for the first time this year, 21-13 in the final.
This AD would require a one-time detailed visual inspection of the fuselage skin and bonded doubler area above the forward entry doorway to detect fatigue cracking or the existence of certain repairs, as well as follow-on action if necessary.
Rink 3: L) Chris Lewis (Radnorshire), 2) Gavin Abraham (Newport), 3) Damian Doubler (Cardiff) & Sk) Carl Wood (Islwyn).
In addition to the QuickCam technology that revolutionized affordable videoconferencing and still image capture, the company's flagship products include: Speed Doubler, RAM Doubler, QuickCam and Connectix Virtual PC.
30am: Under-25 Singles: Carl Wood (Gilfach) v Damian Doubler (Penylan).