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Rate of doubtful loans = Amount of doubtful loans/Total amount of credit
A change to a taxpayer's method for determining its allowance for doubtful accounts for its applicable financial statements is a change in accounting method to which Sec.
An analysis of historical trends can provide useful information about an entity's past accuracy and possible biases in estimating its allowance for doubtful accounts.
Minister of Law and Justice H R Bharadwaj in a written reply informed the Lok Sabha today that in a letter dated October 14 this year, Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan had said that if implemented in right earnest, "such a provision will keep deviant behaviour in check, besides getting rid of those who are found to be indolent, ineffective or with doubtful integrity.
The Blues still have other problems, with Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard doubtful.
This doubtful guest then goes on to haunt the family, disrupting their ordered lives and wreaking havoc with their possessions.
It is doubtful Aletta Denboer passed down the recipes knowing her children would create a business.
Adversely rated credits (also known as criticized credits) are the total of loans classified substandard, doubtful, and loss--and loans rated special mention.
Midfielders Jim Whitley and Alex Smith are in contention although Steve Roberts (Achilles) and Dean Bennett (thigh) are rated doubtful.
Francesco Nacca (ankle), Daniel Chillingworth (knee), Alex Revell (groin) and Shane Tudor (ankle) are all doubtful.
WORLD 100m record holder Tim Montgomery is a doubtful starter for today's Berlin Golden League meeting.
Restoration of the reimbursement rates has again become a controversial issue with a doubtful outcome.