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That's all very well, sir," the chauffeur objected doubtfully, "but I don't believe the road's even passable, and the floods seem to me to be rising.
As soon as Stepan Arkadyevitch let go his hand, he glanced doubtfully at his father, and like a bird set free, he darted out of the room.
Hence there are no fewer than four categories of ambiguously or doubtfully attributed works (groups Av, By, Cv, and D).
1983 "No presently grown material seems a close match to the type and these are doubtfully distinct from N.
That's fine," says Allen, glancing doubtfully out of the passenger window.
She looked doubtfully at her trolley and asked me to lie down.
If camera equipment slips, it's falling 15 floors and doubtfully can be recycled.
They looked at each other doubtfully as though someone were pulling their legs.
How doubtfully Montaigne viewed the possibility that public service could allow the individual will the scope of discretionary action is clear from his assessment of the public sphere.
Have a nice time,' The Ideal Husband said doubtfully as I went out of the door.
It was also the most unusual by comparison with the overall design range of the others, leading De La Fuente (1974: 56; 1992: 117) to conclude that `el diagnostico del estilo sugiere francamente la ubicacion tardia, no olmeca, de esta escultura excepcional' (although her 1973 catalogue includes it among the 204 Olmec pieces, not the 44 additional doubtfully Olmec ones).