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It is our charge to thee, brother,'' he continued, addressing himself to Bois-Guilbert, ``that thou do thy battle manfully, nothing doubting that the good cause shall triumph.
It was evident that he recognized my return to my old doubting frame of mind without my saying a word.
Various rumors were afloat to the effect that the owners of the Pharaon had promised to attend the nuptial feast; but all seemed unanimous in doubting that an act of such rare and exceeding condescension could possibly be intended.
The priest is still, and will, we think, remain, one of the necessary types of humanity; and he is untrue to his type, unless, with whatever inevitable doubts in this doubting age, he feels, on the whole, the preponderance in it of those influences which make for faith.
Then, after a pause, he repeated my mother-in-law's name to himself in a doubting, questioning tone.
Possibly, identity moratorium in general, like religious doubting in specific, inherently generates a troubling psychological discomfort (i.
Doubt After Doubt: Doubting the Christian Faith" is Rob Jacik's collection of thoughts on his doubts about Christianity, after being raised a Catholic.
These stories are undoubtedly familiar, as they involve the so-called Doubting Thomas and also show up at other times of the liturgical year.