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This association is doubtlessly incorrect: Sufis were for many years heavily persecuted by Qaddafi, and were never loyal to him.
Statisticians measured that in 2010, doubtlessly one of the gravest years from an economic point of view, industrial production in November dropped by 1.
Already, Durham Constabulary have announced job losses and other bodies like them will doubtlessly follow.
I'm sure there will be no end of poker operators keen to attach themselves to the poker tournament at the World Mind Sports Games when the highprofile event will doubtlessly be labelled the Poker Olympics.
Steve Dayman, of Meningitis UK, said: "While the new vaccine will doubtlessly save thousands of lives, it's important to remain vigilant as there is still no vaccine to protect against all forms of meningitis, including meningitis B.
What's taking place inside Iran these days is doubtlessly a major challenge for a regime that has known how to deal with major crises in the region and get out of them victorious, thanks to Iranians' traditionally good political sense," Saab wrote in AN NAHAR.
I am pleased to be launching this project and look forward to the positive impact it will doubtlessly have.
Doubtlessly, the trainers were foreigners, and for those local trainers, they were Yemenis who studied and were trained in Iran and South Lebanon, he said, adding even Somali trainers were among them.
The horn section for this doubtlessly punchy gig will be saxophonist Paul Booth and trumpeter Jason Palmer.
Doubtlessly, everybody agrees that safety of the community begins by providing children with a safe environment to grow.
If there is overcapacity in Europe and Magna and the people associated appear to be making very strong commitments, not just to Opel but particularly to the German plants, doubtlessly based on the support of the German government, it makes you wonder where the cut in capacity will come.
Presumably, there is already a 5th edition in the works, and when it comes out, it will doubtlessly capture the upcoming wave of new regulatory, legislative and business terms bound to come out of the financial crisis.