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Douglas fir slabs and waste are an excellent source of firewood.
I don't have a dog in the fight regarding management of the Mount Pisgah area, but if readers desire ecosystem sustainability, then long live the oak and goodbye, Douglas fir, which, by the way, isn't a true fir - it's a false hemlock.
Because of their height and width, Douglas firs yield record amounts of usable board feet of lumber: One Douglas fir is documented as supplying more than 70,000 feet of top grade lumber.
Although surveying records show that only a dozen widely spaced trees per acre existed here before 1900, fire-suppression activities over the years have permitted an overgrowth of ladder-like Douglas firs, up to 490 trees per acre in the overstory and 4,000 per acre in the understory.
Overall, fine particle mass emissions were greatest for white oak, followed in descending order by loblolly pine, sugar maple, Douglas fir, and red maple.
A city official replied that he would consider allowing the tower only if it was disguised as a Douglas fir, raising the possibility of a faux fir going up on the golf course property.
The tallest conifer ever measured was actually a Douglas fir, felled in 1895.
I VERY recently spent the best part of a day watching a 60ft Douglas Fir, not to check whether it was still growing but whether it would be sent crashing on to the house by the recent high winds.
With a bit of luck, they established an even more precise connection by comparing rings in Douglas firs found in Lake Washington with rings in a Douglas fir found in the tsunami deposit discovered by Atwater.
Certified products include framing lumber made of hemlock fir, larch fir, Douglas fir and hybrid poplar, as well as decking, siding, boards, and finger-jointed boards made of red cedar.
The Lane County Public Works Department will hold a public meeting to take comments on the future of the Douglas fir forest along River Road north of Kingsbury Avenue
5 metres tall Douglas fir at Lake Efyrnwy was named the tallest tree in Wales and equal tallest in the UK.