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There's just a kind of a dourness to it, and at the same time, promiscuity, alcohol, marijuana, infidelity -- these things were really at the forefront, and I get that not just from reading John Cheever; that's from the people who were there.
Wimsey, so far from being put off by the hand's dourness and the master's cruelty, is rhetorically energized by the circumstances:
At the same time, he draws a distinction between purity of heart and dourness of spirit, ironically noting that "Christianity, which ought to be understood as the religion of joy, is so frequently considered a sad religion.
And so everyone settled down for an afternoon of dourness and drudgery, except that the football turned out to be just about as bright as the sunshine.
In contrast, Villa were unfancied by the London-based national press and the dourness of Saunders did nothing to make them warm to Villa.
However, the Norwegians will bring more than just brute strength and defensive dourness to the 52,000 sell-out match - as 6,000 of their fans are set for a Viking invasion.
14) Fortunately for the command climate of the 1st Pursuit Group, the witty operations officer with twinkling eyes buffered Atkinson's dourness.
Before the two Roosevelts, a certain reserve and even dourness was expected of presidents.
Maybe even the dourness of Scottish nature plays a part because he wants to make sure it's a serious matter.
I couldn't even start on the BBC's The Village after reading reports of its unremitting dourness.
He proceeded to play with a dourness few could even approach, following his first-innings 87 not out with an unbeaten 34 at stumps in which he needed 46 balls to warm up to his first boundary, keeping out 95 in all to date, as Marlon Samuels caught the bug too in an obdurate and unbroken halfcentury stand.
The city dwellers who normally trudged the streets with a beaten-down look of resignation had a little more spring in their step, and their dourness had given way to buoyant sparkle.