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DOVE. The name of a well known bird.
     2. Doves are animals ferae naturae, and not the subject of larceny, unless they are in the owner's custody; as, for example, in a dove-house, or when in the nest before they can fly. 9 Pick. 15. See Whelp.

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s North Korea policy and cooperation between Seoul and Washington, considering Pompeo has been well aware of the situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula, regardless of whether he is hawkish or dovish.
A central bank with a dovish tone means it is seen leaning towards lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy.
The Fed's more dovish stance alleviates some of the pressures on financial markets that resulted from monetary policy divergences between the Fed (tightening) and the ECB, Bank of Japan and People's Bank of China (easing).
However, there are a number of reasons to believe that markets may have overreacted to the Fed's dovish messages and a more hawkish surprise could be in store down the road," QNB said.
Talking to ET Now, William Hobbs of Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) has opined that the Federal Reserve does not have enough room to be too dovish.
Wrapped in dovish language, theFederal Reserve has just embarked on what will be the loosest tightening in its history," said Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz in Newport Beach, California.
If UK inflation continues to remain weak, we can also expect the BoE's views on inflation to stay dovish with this meaning that the UK interest rate expectations will continue to be pushed back for at least the next year.
Morgan economists do not expect an RBA rate cut next week, we think risks are biased towards a cut and a statement which is mildly dovish.
UK shares had a poor day on Thursday, despite opening strongly on the back of a fairly dovish set of US Federal Reserve minutes.
The Jewish community's so-called big tent when it comes to Israel is large enough to include Alpha Epsilon Pi, the college fraternity, but it may not be big enough for J Street, the dovish pro-Israel lobby group.
Gross: Stocks roll onward & upward based on a dovish Yellen, but a dovish #Yellen must produce growth for them to continue.
Fortunately, this negative sentiment was soon snuffed out by Janet Yellen's dovish tone on Thursday and although the FTSE ended the week in the red, the loss was of very modest proportions indeed.