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Last week my bin was left 50 yards down the road on the opposite side.
In this month's Clip & Save Art Print, In the Car, Roy Lichtenstein depicts an icy moment between a man and a woman zooming down the road.
When you drive down the road and see the witches hats at the roadworks, what do you see?
all the way down the road without looking behind me.
We know we're not mathematically safe but this puts us along way down the road to being safe.
Some came down the road of philosophy and others down the road of wine, but they all came for the mixing of the two.
They seem to be trying to kick the can down the road.
Here's very much hoping that with his departure (McAnuff in 2007 becomes one of three new artistic directors at Canada's Stratford Festival), the creative stream doesn't ease on down the road, too.
A short while later, as he was sitting on his porch, the robbery suspect walked up the road and said that he'd had problems with his wife in their house down the road.
Moving Rhymes For Modern Times includes a track list of Hello, I Must Be Going (1:21), Swing Your Partner (3:03), Tromboning (1:59), Jump Up, Turn Around (2:28), Face The Facts (1:59), Jim Gill's Groove (2:44), California (3:01), Sliding, Rolling and Jumping (2:22), Rhythm in My Fingers (3:28), Strollin' Down The Road (3:06), Delay on the Freeway (4:39), Drumming in the House (3:30), and Backwards Day (3:29), Family Goodbyes (3:37).
Can't you see the potential Iraqi recruit lurking furtively in a doorway, praying his neighbors won't see that he's meeting an American, only to have the CIA's three-car convoy roar down the road and screech to a halt right in front of him?
But the problem is that if a city doesn't offer some tax incentives, the company will just move down the road.