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His one secret thought became like a chain binding down his spirit and like a serpent gnawing into his heart; and he was transformed into a sad and downcast yet irritable man.
Reuben, a moody man, and misanthropic because unhappy, strode onward with his usual stern brow and downcast eye, feeling few regrets and disdaining to acknowledge any.
Everything in the expression, the flushed cheeks and the downcast eyes of Varenka betrayed a painful suspense.
So they remained for some time: the father lying on a sofa with his accustomed air of graceful negligence; the son seated opposite to him with downcast eyes, busied, it was plain, with painful and uneasy thoughts.
All have downcast eyes, which seem to seal them off from the world, and all stand at rigid attention - these are their emotionally defining, indeed their unifying characteristics.
unbeaten run rolled on in style as they moved to the top of the Third Division with this thumping of downcast Doncaster.
n Amy has to be helped by blonde, below downcast nAmy keeps her eyes down as she leaves the Hawley Arms
Murray has come on leaps and bounds on the dirt over the past three months and he refused to be downcast after his defeat in only his third grand-slam quarter-final .
After this summer, I will have to get some solution,'' said a downcast Charlie Kim, owner of the WOB gift shop on Orange Drive.
Wales have triumphed on their last two visits to Paris and a downcast Laporte has warned his charges that victory over Italy on Sunday and Wales the following week is not a formality.
Opposite number Stuart Raper was not too downcast after the defeat.
Norman was not too downcast after the Barry reverse, with his team's cause not helped by a dubious penalty.