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Rasool (2007) identifies that the technical education is facing downfall due to no proper planning, lesser efficiency and Quality and its relevance of education with no industry linkages.
The Syrian regime's downfall has become a demand not only for the Syrian opposition but also for international and regional political circles, and its downfall has become almost certain," Keyrouz said in a radio interview.
So Downfall was no pleasure to write but a story that had to be told as a warning and an explanation of that betrayal in all its gory and complex detail.
Packed full of laughter and fabulous jazz songs, Spike Milligan's Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall looks set to give audiences a wonderful night out at the theatre
Sholto Morgan who stars as Spike Milligan in Adolf Hitler My part in His Downfall outside Liverpool Playhouse along with fellow cast members including Matt Devereaux Picture: GARETH JONES/GRJ091109SPIKE-7.
His downfall should be a wake-up call to his young fans that drugs and drink are not fashion accessories.
Murray lasted almost seven years, an eternity in the win-now era of sports, and while significant player injuries also played into his downfall, it's likely that Murray's shelf life with the Kings had simply expired.
95) enjoys lively drawings by Stephen Gammell as it tells of mutant slime which nearly proves the downfall of a young scientist.
Canadian Superior Energy's greatest downfall was inadequate financing, which delayed expansion and hindered growth.
Mitra used to live a highborn life in ancient Persia, but her family's downfall has led her to take refuge with her younger brother, Babak, in a network of caves and tombs known as the City of the Dead.
As I sit here in federal prison on charges of liberating mink from fur farms in the wild--taking my food through a slot in the door and friendships through the mail--I cannot help but reflect on the role Thrasher played in all of this, in the evolution of my consciousness and also the downfall of my freedom.
Carrying readers through an extended descriptive survey and analysis of the factors leading up to and contributing to the socioeconomics crisis in Argentina, And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) deftly recounts the collapse of the peso and the endemic poverty inducing an economic downfall which threw millions of Argentina citizens into a state of impoverishment.