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Sorena Sattari said on Saturday that the unprecedented downfall in the price of oil in international markets is an opportunity for Iran to move its economy from being petroleum-based to becoming knowledge-based.
Unfortunately, the greatest benefit of a laptop computer is also one of its greatest downfalls.
The New York Daily News reported that the rights to writer Bob Klapisch's book, ``High and Tight,'' about the downfalls of both Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, also was purchased by the studio.
As our hemisphere's poorest country attempts to organize for presidential elections in November, some hardened veterans of its endless cycle of uprisings and downfalls are trading guns for voter registration cards, warily giving the election process their support, while followers of exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide take to the streets in protest.
I assume the answer will never be revealed,/The way my mom feels is kept in an unbreakable jar with a "do not/open" seal,/Me an my mom have survived many downfalls together and/individually,/I've told mom my personal opinions because I knew she was the only/one I knew who would listen,/If god should be my first thoughts; then mom definitely gets the/honorable mention,/So when others might say I am weird,/Mom doesn't pay them any attention,/That's why I can still smile from ear to ear?
The documentary chronicling their downfalls debuted at this week's Sundance Film Festival and airs Monday on PBS.
Our new 'Free Softswitch' product offering gets to the root cause of the downfalls of the telecom marketplace," said Shawn Lewis, President & CEO of Caerus, Inc.