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Women undergo more significant rates of downheartedness and nervousness disorders, whereas men have more significant rates of substance abuse and alienated conduct disorders.
Alzheimer's disease individuals reproduce their own previous episodes in a disconnected and objectified manner even though they recollect eloquent episodes (vocal emotional display may be a goal for therapeutic interventions), and in their early phases do not display adequately their emotions, manifesting symptoms analogous to downheartedness and also modified communication or functioning.
6 b Function Experience downheartedness or depression?
77) Lucius displays various emotions before and after the Risus festival: daring (2,32,4-5); anguish and bewilderment (3,1); wretchedness and boldness (3,4); sorrow and indignity (3,7); gloom and dumbfoundedness (3,9); downheartedness, fear, and misery (3,10); fear and embarrassment (3,12); curiosity and eagerness (3,14); lust (3,20,3-4); amazement (3.