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Among those who went to the polls for the 1994 congressional election, it was the downscale voters who turned sharply against the Democrats and produced the new Republican congressional majorities.
But it's also easy to envision a more cosmic return from downscale chic--the subversion of America's snob tradition.
The change from homeless to student is symblematic of the transformation of the neighborhood from downscale to fashionable.
Consumption index: Fresh oranges Lifestage 18-34 18-34 35-54 35-54 Lifestyle w/kids no kids w/kids no kids Upscale suburbs 75 45 121 73 Traditional families 101 71 120 80 Mid/upscale suburbs 82 50 101 74 Metro elite 111 41 111 63 Working-class towns 74 60 112 85 Rural towns and farms 98 70 107 84 Mid urban melting pot 79 37 92 72 Downscale rural 97 64 109 93 Downscale urban 81 55 101 69 Total 89 0.
This despite the obvious perks of the job, which includes the sexy Internet cafe operator in their downscale Buenos Aires mall, who always needs Ariel's help in the dressing room.
Bacon's Walter returns to his downscale Philadelphia neighborhood after a dozen years in prison.
Downscale Health Riskers: 12% of the population trending
Think: An Australian combination of the British comedies ``Absolutely Fabulous'' and the significantly more downscale ``The Royale Family'' - swinging single mom Kath is dismayed when her dumpy daughter Kim moves back in after a disastrous, short-lived marriage.