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debut next year, will not be cast into downscale Skid Row-type digs -- i.
I would have thought that over the years The New York Times might have become less naive about the arts, but it seems to have become more pretentious and downscale.
THE UPSIDE OF DOWNSCALE will provide direction for companies looking to develop and market innovative products that respond to this increasingly demanding consumer group.
Lots of Americans would love to show up at a barbecue driving a jeep, but can only afford some downscale station wagon," explains founder Norm Fisk.
Poor cousin 14th Street is losing its reputation as a downscale place to shop and is becoming a mecca for nationwide retailers.
But nineties-style downscale chic differs in a few key ways from its predecessors.
Long-term partnership capacity building/Downscaling into microfinance: IFC%s long-term funding will enable Bank Muamalat to expand its SME financing and to downscale further into microfinance.
The sisters' downscale apartments in the big city are a striking contrast, psychically as well as physically: Raimunda lives in cramped quarters with a no-account husband and her moody pubescent daughter Paula (Yohana Cobo).
If I have to downscale my expectations then so be it.