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Companies that downsize are likely to be weaker than those that do not.
Managers have to be aware of the reasons that lead them to downsize.
Firms downsize to improve productivity and reduce costs.
As organizations continue to downsize in the 1990s, managers need to question the wisdom of employing downsizing as a measure to improve profits.
Indeed, the lack of effective planning for corporate downsizing is backed up by AMA surveys: Fewer than half the companies that downsize plan to do so a year in advance.
Just more than half (51%) of home owners surveyed who are planning to move house in the next three years said they plan to downsize, compared with just over a fifth (22%) who are looking to trade up to somewhere bigger, Lloyds TSB found.
The paper presented five downsizing lessons that managers should consider before deciding to downsize.
As researchers, collecting data in companies that downsize is exceedingly difficult.
7 times the torque output, or substantially downsize the whole system and match the performance of your current design.
He deplored the suggestion that the agency downsize, saying it came as the city needed the CRA's expertise most.
In December, Precise Technology scheduled mold trials at Supplier A's New Jersey tech center to determine the accuracy of its proposal to downsize the machines.
We (health-care officials) have to listen very carefully as we downsize," Ball says.