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Companies that downsize are likely to be weaker than those that do not.
Managers have to be aware of the reasons that lead them to downsize.
Finally, firms that were more dependent on constituencies that valued conformance with legitimate practices should have been less likely to downsize.
7) The researchers expected that firms with a greater degree of compliance, as indicated by tracking of import costs at line and entry levels, would be less likely to downsize.
Firms that are not under-performing the market may be more likely to see improvements if they downsize.
All 11 of the respondents indicated that attrition was the most common method used to downsize.
In effect, if your application is working well on the mainframe, you probably do not need to downsize.
In the short run, management may have to downsize and, at the same time, support TQM and self-managing teams.
The main aim of this article is consequently to address those issues which should be considered when deciding to downsize, and when planning the downsizing once the decision is made.
Technological change and globalization can add pressure to downsize.
There is a legion of other equally damaging exposures that many companies frequently overlook in their zeal to downsize without delay.
After several notable failures (like IBM, for example), corporate executives have begun to downsize more surgically, and have met with greater success.