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The widespread implementation of downsizing and its repercussions at company level and the national (or even global) economy make it a topic of major relevance for study.
The motivation of downsizing firms may be quite different among those firms.
Most downsizings are done surreptitiously, in the hopes that consumers won't notice.
Moreover, as the goal of revamping the economy is unfolding in Nigeria, the government downsizing policy and the likely psychological trauma that may accompany the exercise may have begun to take its hold on the people.
In both 2008 and 2009, respondents who worked in organizations that experienced layoffs or downsizing were less likely to be engaged in their jobs than those who worked in organizations where no layoffs or downsizing occurred.
Because firms in downsizing industries were quick to shed unneeded labor, worker displacements rose dramatically, as did the time required for workers to find new employment.
During downsizing, RIM professionals can play a leading role in ensuring an organization's risks don't increase by refining the RIM program and protecting legal recordkeeping obligations.
Cameron (1994) postulates that downsizing encompasses activities undertaken by management designed to improve the organizational efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of a firm.
The 259 page report provides clear detailed insight into the global petrol engine downsizing and turbocharger market.
There are two primary theoretical approaches that can help explain the impact of downsizing on individuals and organizations (De Meuse et al.
You may be downsizing, but a potential owner is possibly upsizing.
But while people who are looking to retire may make up the majority of those within the downsizing market, it is also an option being widely considered by younger generations as they look to survive the tough economic climate.