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Downsizing and related ideas were further emphasized in the National Performance Review (NPR) movement of the Clinton administration in the 1990s.
This brief review of downsizing and related government reforms has confirmed the importance of the research issue to public administration scholars and practitioners.
Downsizing is a violation of this trust and the organization's responsibility to provide a positive work environment and secure employment (De Meuse et al.
Downsizing also can lead to many other negative outcomes, such as lower creativity and reduced job involvement and organizational commitment among employees (Allen et al, 2001; Luthans and Sommer, 1999; Probst et al.
Freeman and Cameron (1993) defined downsizing as an intentional management action involving a reduction in workforce and designed to improve a company's competitive position.
I also believed it is important to understand how to offset the potentially hindering effects of downsizing on employee creativity.
The employees who remain with the organization after downsizing are known as "survivors", and are responsible for new business performance and ultimately the success of implementation of restructuring (Baker, 2006).
The question, to how to reconcile survivors needs with leaner organizational imperatives, can only be answered if an organization is aware of attitudinal and behavioral needs of its employees and in turn implement downsizing process and strategies acceptable to all stake holders with an extent to produce minimum organizational disorder.
Downsizing has been directly responsible for major layoffs in the business sector.
Although downsizing has attracted the attention of numerous researchers, the literature on this subject is relatively new, since the majority of existing studies were published in the early days after downsizing started to gain in popularity.
The motivation of downsizing firms may be quite different among those firms.
There is a great gap between downsizing to maintain a price and cheating on a spouse, but the memory of feeling cheated applies to both, and isn't easily forgotten.