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It is interesting to mention that in AT1 the thickness of Unit E is located on the downthrown block, while in AT2 is on the upthrown block.
With increasing distance from mineralizing conduits, especially within the main zone, the single massive sulphide body splits into two lenses and forms a shallow-dipping stratiform horizon at the base of Waulsortian Limestone in the downthrown block of the Killoran -- Derryville fault system.
The most common type of prospect is a rotated fault block with seal provided by downthrown Noonkanbah Formation.
In Bielawa, the dam is located directly on the downthrown side of the Sudetic Marginal Fault.
The area east of the Cerro Bola fault was tilted to the east, whereas the block west of the fault was downthrown, probably after the episode of tilting (Fig.
However, faults have been consistently interpreted from borehole data, with faulted blocks downthrown by approximately 14m.
The upthrown wall is mainly formed by Paleozoic sedimentary and intrusive rocks of the Variscan basement, whereas the Valles basin, on the downthrown block, is filled with up to 800 m of detritic sediments ranging from the lower Miocene to the Quaternary (Anadon et al.
This profile was made in the downthrown wall of a fault cutting an elevation of Devonian rocks (Figs.
The first rupture event formed an antislope scarp that acted as a barrier for surface runoff inducing deposition confined to the downthrown block.