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n. from the days when a groom expected to profit from a marriage, the money and personal property which a bride brings to her new husband which becomes his alone. Dowry still exists in the Civil Code of Louisiana.

See: endowment

DOWRY. Formerly applied to mean that which a woman brings to her husband in marriage; this is now called a portion. This word is sometimes confounded with dower. Vide Co. Litt. 31; Civ. Code of Lo. art. 2317; Dig. 23, 3, 76; Code, 5, 12, 20.

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Large dowries are somewhat unique for India and arose due to inheritance customs of Hindus, whereby a dowry represents a daughter's entire inheritance.
Although it was once thought and is still suggested that improvements in women's education and employment opportunities would eradicate dowries, this has not occurred.
46) The cash nature of most dowries in the late medieval period made them particularly responsive to the credit needs of individuals.
The computer software engineering student has since been praised as a role model and been flooded with fresh marriage proposals - without dowries.
A spokesman said police forces throughout the UK were being warned of British-born Indian men travelling to the sub-continent for marriage before abandoning their brides and making off with 'quite substantial' dowries.
The author's major contribution is that she shifts the perspective so that dowries and monachism are not a matter of simple cause and effect.
Contemporaries noted how difficult it had become to marry off their children: the value of dowries had become terribly inflated and, as Molho shows in detail, the dotal market had become increasingly complex and inflexible.
While there are no statistics available on how many women are contributing to their dowries, many young persons are reporting it is a slow growing trend.
According to a reporyt on national news agency WAM, Mohammed Abdul Rahman, Head of the Executive Committee of the Dubai Courts' Club, said the initiative of 'The Least Dowry' is intended to honour the couple who got married last year with the least dowry in order to create awareness on the reduction of dowries and ease the burden on marriage candidates.
According to the paper, "social experts" have attributed the trend to the large dowries demanded by Emirati women.
People also pledged not to demand dowries when their sons marry.