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Numerous other 'words only' hymnbooks were published in Australia, providing additional sources of hymns, psalms and doxologies for congregational singing.
For Cyril will speak of proportion, analogy, too; and he is no less close a reader of the text than Aetius, for whom the prepositions in the Pauline doxologies were so significant.
In its present form, the Book of Psalms consists of 150 poems divided into five books (1-41, 42-72, 73-89, 90-106, 107-150), the first four of which are marked off by concluding doxologies (expressions of praise to God).
Each of these doxologies, whether an element of the liturgy of the mass proper, or of a rite external to the mass, originates from and points to the fundamental and essential gift, which is that of the Lord's self, recapitulated in the Eucharist.
So it is not surprising that Paul gives his doxologies to God (Rom 11:36) or that all of his berakoth ("Blessed be .
The apocalypse, offers us great hymns and doxologies, more than any other New Testament book, that remind us of the place of prayer, hymn and song, in the life of the psyche, and the need to contemplate the mystery of the holy when we find ourselves speechless, and when the Promethean resistance to which Wink feels called, is pointless.