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CNN provided the details: Rizzi and his dog were the last to be seated on the small plane and were placed in a seat in the middle of the back row that looked onto the aisle, with no seat in front of Rizzi for Doxy to lie under, thereby making it difficult for him to stay stowed.
For Gautier the prejudice within Academic doxy against Veronese's allegedly unserious subjects, seen as no more than pretexts for the display of his 'execution prodigieuse' (TP, p.
These small segments of the electorate - the most involved and committed segments - enforce partisan ortho- doxy.
You'd think fundamentalist doxy would be too parochial for network TV.
KB: We were able to show the effect of doxy compared to placebo in as soon as 16 months.
I divined some foreign doxy whose heart broke when he vanished into the ghastly underworld of the wounded and never came back.
THERE they were, 90 years ago today, Leonardo DiCaprio, humble steerage passenger aboard the ill-fated liner, and Kate Winslett, millionaire's doxy travelling, naturally, first class along with some of America's most towering tycoons.
Bombshell and Wayne Hays and the doxy on his payroll, to Gary Hart and