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Even better, a sixteen-page full color insert at the book's midpoint allows readers to get a much fuller sense of Ware's robust draftsmanship and design sense.
In these, the draftsmanship is crude and the figures archaic.
Having barely recovered from the New Year's hangover, this is proving to be quite a lot to stomach especially where the draftsmanship is also pretty demanding.
These two-dimensional works are an elegant departure for this ceramist-sculptor whose superb draftsmanship abilities exhibited here are extraordinary and appealing for their graphic invention, capturing the essence of a subject the artist is known to practice and feel with a dedicated player's own understanding and subjective energy.
Finally, and clearly, all the drawings reminded him in some way of the work of the Italian Renaissance master Raphael, whose paintings are known even today for their perfect draftsmanship and deep sense of grace.
The true concerns of real estate professionals are money, time and liability issues, and not "winning" protracted negotiations of immaterial points, or artistic draftsmanship.
This case would probably have never seen the light of day had it not been for poor draftsmanship of the legislation, which the court was compelled to follow.
Patrick Kelly said: "Albert Thomas Pile drew upon the city's rich history and during a long and productive life recorded the images that he came into contact with, which included some modern buildings, not through pure myopic nostalgia but with an honesty of draftsmanship.
Brian's impeccable draftsmanship, attention to detail and uncanny ability to capture the "look" of his subjects keep his masters of art in high demand.
Anyone who looks attentively at his forty-odd paintings, his drawings, and the prints made after the latter is likely to notice not only their strong formal structure and outstanding skill in organizing pictorial space, their command of the complex disposition of large masses of figures, and their masterly sureness and economy of figural draftsmanship in the depiction of human beings in every kind of posture and action, but also that many of them seem to be animated by some idea.
Elrod's scratchy draftsmanship and anonymous, perfunctory paint application are annoying yet hauntingly memorable.