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The monarch was pacified; and having drained another bumper with no very perceptible ill effect, Hop-Frog entered at once, and with spirit, into the plans for the masquerade.
The delights of the world behind, it seemed to him that he had already drained.
Yet it is we who suffer most, we, the richest part of whose country is in the hands of the foe, we whose industries are paralysed, my country from whom the life-blood is being slowly drained.
The perennial whiskey glass was in his hands, and he drained it with shaking fingers.
He drained the bottle, tossed it to Kwaque, and made signs for him to open the remaining one.
It is for me to fill your cups again, since you have drained them to my dear lads of the white jerkin.
This theory assumes that the Great Lakes were the deep pools of one immense body of fresh water, which lay too low to be drained by the irruption that laid bare the land.
All these patients were drained with either a Portovac drain or a continuous low-pressure suction pump or wall suction.
CUTLINE: (1) Lifeguard Ashley Briganti sits behind the yellow tape yesterday while the main pool is being drained.
Store drained fuel in an approved hazardous waste container.