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In 1982, the Iraqi drama critic Ali Muzahim Abbas wrote that despite al-Ani's renown as "the most prominent, successful, and famous [playwright], some of his adapted works and original compositions failed to a phenomenal degree.
Arthur is a homosexual, elitist drama critic and Lionel Blair does a good job in the part.
Admittedly not too many of us make a proper living at the game--for the record, I myself have only had two years, from when I first joined The New York Times in 1965 until I also became its drama critic in 1967, in which I have supported myself solely with dance commentary.
Krutch was a drama critic for the Nation for many years, as well as an English professor at Columbia University and elsewhere.
Two controversial Old Edwardians are the former Wolverhampton MP Enoch Powell and drama critic Kenneth Tynan.
It is as if a drama critic who hates cinema writes a poor review of Schindler's List--I learn only about the reviewer's prejudices and nothing about the merits of the film.
American drama critic, actor, and humorist noted for his motion-picture short subjects and humorous essays.
What philosophy did appear was incidental, the product of columnists and reviewers, chiefly drama critic Theophilus Lewis" (107).
Parker was noted for her caustic wit, as drama critic of Vanity Fair and later book reviewer for The New Yorker, and she became one of the luminaries of the Algonquin Round Table.
After winning, running, acting and directing almost everything at King Edward's School and Magdalen College, Oxford, he found himself drama critic of The Observer at 26.
Senior editor Clive Barnes is dance and drama critic for the New York Post.