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Either you are a simple dresser or a fashion enthusiast; you can make a fashion statement with your dramatic sleeves.
Students from the Faculty of Art of Cetinje, the University of Audiovisual Arts ESRA of Skopje, the Arturo Acting School of Cologne, the Academy of Dramatic Arts of Zagreb, the Faculty of Art of Pristina and the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television of Ljubljana took part in this year's Skomrahi.
2 : attracting attention <He made a dramatic entrance.
Sandra, who's originally from Sheepridge, is still active in Huddersfield dramatic circles, doing stage make-up for amateur dramatic societies performing at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
A simple car that costs more than a new Porsche 911 will certainly have to boast a very dramatic performance.
The company's operations personnel say they have experienced a dramatic increase in productivity and a decrease in energy costs.
In four chapters she covers the dramatic structure of the Gospel, the method of showing action by speech, the creation of identity through dramatic action and dialogues, and the death of Jesus.
Masterfully designed penthouses feature dramatic, double-height 20' outdoor loggias and breathtaking New York City vistas while stunning, glass-walled skyhomes with wrap-around terraces afford dramatic city views.
95 Each) for grades 4 and up: each book holds 43 pages of information paired with dramatic photos to attract both leisure audiences and students seeking information for reports.
95) receives Scott Brick's fine dramatic style capturing the new novel based on the original Godfather Corleone family characters created originally by Mario Puzo.
A dramatic reminder from the realm of in absentia is Canada's very first feature film, E.