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Both ITV and Channel Four made stunning dramatisations of Bloody Sunday to mark the 30th anniversary of one of the most disturbing events of the Troubles when 13 people on a civil rights march were shot dead by the British Army.
uk Actress Charlotte Riley, a former pupil at Teesside High School, was the star of ITV's recent dramatisation of Wuthering Heights.
Oddly, there is no Queen Elizabeth to be seen in this dramatisation.
The need to know whether Dido's lyrics stem from personal experience or lyrical dramatisation don't play any part in the process of admiring a well-written and beautifully produced track.
Fr Troy said the parents believed that it was too soon to show any dramatisation of the events surrounding the school.
The Cancer Guide comes at the same time as A Lump in my Throat, a dramatisation adapted from John Diamond's newspaper columns describing his battle with terminal illness.
Kevin Costner is back on form in this dramatisation of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 when the world teetered on the brink on nuclear war.
The two-hour dramatisation starts on the night the black teenager was murdered by a racist white gang in south London in April 1993.
A LAVISH dramatisation of stories from the Bible has become the latest BBC project to be dropped as the corporation faces up to the economic crisis.
30pm, Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre stages Two Victorian Tales, a gripping one-man dramatisation of two classic stories by two of the greatest authors of the 19th Century ( The Signalman by Charles Dickens and The Three Strangers by Thomas Hardy.
In this dramatisation, Joanne plays Danielle, while the likes of Lindsey Coulson, Bill Paterson and Nigel Terry also appear.
Tipping the Velvet, written by Neyland-born author Sarah Waters, caused a stir of protest when the three-part dramatisation of her book went out last October.