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The Novel Khaak aur Khoon was dramatized into a movie with the same name and is one of few block buster movies that Lollywood or Lahore film industry has ever produced.
Dramatized vignettes illustrate how copyright infringement is illegal and unethical and can carry hefty penalties for offenders, including steep fines, statutory penalties, damages, sanctions, and jail.
The split between the dramatized portions and the narrative is fundamental to Ohama.
His subjects may be fictional, but what they say provides a dramatized yet subtly nuanced vision of the contemporary commercialized landscape.
The Lutheran and Calvinism social pessimism that had pervaded English culture by the years of the composition of the Mirror text had been anticipated in Boccaccio's earlier modern text that dramatized the old momento mori in new narratives of incisive historical and mythological figures.
The non-interactive nature of the stabilizer was dramatized in the results of the simulated acid rain tests.
Passage through the building is dramatized by light: the open bridges, with their delicate balustrading, and flights of stairs criss-cross under clerestories in a luminous beech-lined chasm at times rising the full height of the building.
The documentary about the Bus Riders Union of Los Angeles will tell the story of an organizing group that has dramatized how the city government neglects the poor.
If Bausch is a one-trick pony, her tricks are our truths -- exaggerated, distorted, dramatized.
Dyce showed Lloyd an MRA film, Freedom, which dramatized the human dimension in the peaceful transition to democracy from colonial rule in an African country.
This is principally dramatized through contrasting Boy Willie and Berniece.
But the photo dramatized the story's point that air pollution might be killing trees.