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sg6332416062912536ITEMS TO RESPOND1ITEMMandatory to Bid: NoEngage and manage performers who will role-play the characters( based on key personalities and/or figures from IHCs permanent galleries and carry out dramatized and interactive tours in English (11 sessions) from May 2016- Mar 2017.
The Novel Khaak aur Khoon was dramatized into a movie with the same name and is one of few block buster movies that Lollywood or Lahore film industry has ever produced.
2 : to present in a way that attracts attention <The accident dramatized the need for greater safety measures.
The slices of life presented as the worlds of such youth as "Tiger," "Trust Me," "Homegirl," and "Jail-bail" are vivid, raw, and reportorial rather than dramatized.
The first video to deal comprehensively with the uses and misuses of e-mail, The Plugged-In Mail Box uses dramatized vignettes to educate employees at all levels about the proper and improper uses of e-mail, issues of "ownership" and privacy, and legal, records management, and information security issues.
Each format combines panel discussions with dramatized scenes of a fraud case study.
The split between the dramatized portions and the narrative is fundamental to Ohama.
Idioms may be dramatized to show literal as well as figurative learning.
His public space is the everyperson's space, a less rarefied, dramatized, and privileged (or privatized) site than those of Gursky et al.
Throughout Camoes's poem, the wicked endeavor to move others to division and hatred, while the latter persuade to virtue, to wholeness, to love (a dichotomy that is copiously dramatized by Shakespeare, for example, in Othello and Much Ado about Nothing).
The documentary about the Bus Riders Union of Los Angeles will tell the story of an organizing group that has dramatized how the city government neglects the poor.
If Bausch is a one-trick pony, her tricks are our truths -- exaggerated, distorted, dramatized.