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its own, as it were, by realizing its dramaturgic potential: revenge
The dramaturgic form of the Fore narratives--which began at a time of crisis, rose to a climax of optimism before descending to a state of disillusionment--reveals lives that have gone full circle.
The compositions are not sequenced on the CD chronologically, which is evidently a dramaturgic intention.
The essay includes new material on the dramaturgic function of instrumental music, and thoughts about the function of Charpentier's notes regarding performance in the Melanges.
Shakespeare's challenge to and manipulation of spatial convention are crucial in assessing the playwright's dramaturgic vision; the play, with its anarchic reversals of spatial sacrality produced by generic heterogeneity, provides a disturbing vision of a world in which the old sacred geography is outmoded and irrecoverable and a new one not yet available.
Erving Goffman's dramaturgic analysis (1959) introduces the concept of "fronts," wherein the area displayed to the general public is presented in such a way as to give an impression about the manner in which the operations behind the scenes are performed: a soothing anteroom at a psychiatrist's office indicates the restorative properties of the therapy; a spotless bakery counter inspires confidence in the hygienic practices in the back.
Paul, who is granted "a most rare vision" that exceeds Theseus's reach, and whose dramaturgic solutions produce a materialist parody of the lovers' flight that physically desublimates the erotic longings of the previous night.
My aim in the present paper is twofold: first, to trace aspects of Africanness in Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Piano Lesson, by reading it through Wole Soyinka's drama; and, second, to probe the overall significance of Wilson's dramaturgic interest in Africanness.
Whereas Ligeti's two-movement sonata, a formally concentrated composition very interesting in acoustic terms and the CD's pleasant dramaturgic surprise, sounds novel as performed by Nouzovsky, Bach's solo suite struck me as being decidedly old-school, declining as it does to learn lessons, at least in terms of phrasing, from the adherents of historically informed performance of early music.
The dramaturgic use of the window in this case, as in others, signals an action fraught with moral considerations, an action that queries the nature and uses of women's judgment and free will (2.
In dramaturgic terms, Suk's monumental five-movement piece with opulent orchestration and Britten's sparse musical language form an interesting juxtaposition.
This deeply conservative book provides a close reading of the thematic preoccupations and dramaturgic conventions of six of our better-known dramatists: James Reaney, Michael Cook, Sharon Pollock, Michel Tremblay, George F.