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Thus, in order to address the research question, we develop a dramaturgical model for the television news item based on discourse and genre analysis (e.
11) Most interesting to the present discussion, to unmake cultural identity through innovative dramaturgical processes of creolization, Kwahule turned his attention from the postcolonial motherland of France to the United States--to the West of the West, so to speak--a more conspicuous candidate to fill the role of a spatial and temporal elsewhere.
The latter rely on visual, auditory, and symbolic cues (cues with social meaning beyond their meanings as everyday objects); a game extends the range of cues to include the physical venue where the game takes place, the control of game play, the physical actions of the players (kinesthetic cues), the social interactions among the players, and dramaturgical effects revolving around those social interactions.
Lessing thus resolves the problem of ensuring the correct reception of the drama not via dramaturgical persuasion as in the typical heroic tragedy of the period, but rather, via the activation of the critical faculties of the spectator.
Schindler's book fulfills its promise to pay close attention to the Republic's dramaturgical components.
a sport contest have become enmeshed in its linear, narrative, and dramaturgical discourse--so that the drama of sport feels, unexamined, as real as sport itself," but just because something remains unexamined doesn't mean that its examination ought to be neglected.
The dramaturgical problems of pasting a few characters one after the other amounts to a play without a clear purpose, mentioning all of society's problems without tackling any of the issues with a hint of depth or analysis.
Mendes and his Bridge Project team suggested that two casts-in-one, each from a different side of the great pond, offered opportunity to explore the play's bifurcated structure--in effect, to emphasize the inherent dramaturgical dissonance by separating the sections and allowing each to play its particular national music.
to an enthusiastic adaptation of [Marlowe's] dramaturgical techniques and stylistic tendencies in language and syntax' (p.
Taken out of context these hand movements have an otherworldly, dramaturgical quality.
Richard II responds specifically to the generic advances and dramaturgical strategies of Edward II.
In a new introduction to this reissued 1961 collection of four essays, Helmreich (sociology, CUNY Graduate Center and City College), explains Goffman's dramaturgical approach-based view that mental patients as well as prison inmates are shaped by "total institutions" and that their adjustments are a microcosm of social interactions in the world-at-large.