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Absolutely pedagogical, no question about it, and also dramaturgically justified.
Dramaturgically, there are always fundamental gender, cultural, and ideological codifications and imperatives at play, often leading to induced, imposed, or enforced endings, or worse still, unearned endings.
The persistence of a sexual relationship between Dinah and Red into the present is the most dramaturgically ambitious and disturbing feature of the play.
Since the Vice usually played a dramaturgically central role in the moralities, and since this function was passed over from the Tudor dramatic tradition to Elizabethan theatre, we should take a closer look at him.
To direct the play was complex: "I was interested," Ronconi has said, "in seeing if Venise sauvee is as dramaturgically incomplete as it graphically seems.
The small yet dramaturgically agile American label Dorian released the disc, recorded in November 1989 at the legendary Troy Hall, New York State, at the beginning of the 1990s.
Moving beyond the good and evil auralities of morality plays, Bale has exposed a more dramaturgically subtle way of using theatrical music.
The Haas leaf is more significant: it falls at a dramaturgically potent moment, the end of the second act, as the conspirators laugh in amusement at the plight of Ankastrom (Renato) and Amelia, while he fulfills his oath to his friend and ruler (whether we call him Count Riccardo or king or Duke Gustavo) by leading his own wife back to the city.
This dramaturgically interesting recording comprises a cross-sect ion of works from the oeuvre of Jan Klusak, one of the most accomplished contemporary Czech composers of his generation.
Dramaturgically, the trajectory of D'Annunzio's tragedy relies on Anna's position of authority, in much the same way as the chorus of elderly citizens in Oedipus Tyrannus loves and trusts its king but does not exist simply to reaffirm the title character's actions and sentiments.
Dahlhaus sees the retelling of a historical event as dramaturgically weak in Italian opera, albeit necessary in some circumstances.
My high rating for this album reflects not just the dramaturgically ground-breaking nature of the recording but also the standard of the soloists and the whole ensemble.