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The proportion was significantly higher among women who drank heavily before pregnancy than among women who did not drink during this period (12% vs.
especially during the 1920's, when workers deprived of taverns drank in clusters outside bottle shops.
Among the drinkers (80 Americans and 40 Hong Kong Chinese) who consumed some alcohol in the year prior to the interview, at least 40 percent of the Americans drank at least twice a month, whereas the same percentage of Hong Kong adolescents used alcohol less than once a month.
Wilson says he drank excessively because of job pressure and the "god awful" boredom of the mandatory cocktail party circuit.
It did not matter what kind of alcohol the men drank, or whether it was consumed with meals.
But in the new 13-year study, both young and old adults who regularly drank outperformed abstainers of the same age.
As they drank, swore, smoked, gambled, told bawdy and exaggerated stories to one another, and sang maudlin tunes together, they confirmed one another's identities as men.
Americans drank twice as many soft drinks in 1997 as they did in 1973 and 43 percent more than in 1985.
The really bad news, it turns out, is that the historical gender gap in teen drinking has all but disappeared, with 41 percent of girls and 40 percent of boys reporting that they drank alcohol in the previous month.