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Steve Dale of Maui Drapery and Window Fashions said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for all their property improvement projects at any budget.
QMotion Advanced Shading Systems has developed the industry's first - and only -track-less motorized drapery rod.
Careful consideration of solar radiation incident on a drapery layer with some openness reveals that a portion of the incident radiation passes undisturbed through the openings, and the remaining portion is intercepted by the yarn.
The effective solar properties of the drapery were estimated by applying a multiplicative factor to the solar properties of the fabric at normal incidence.
Directing her flashlight beam, she revealed bacon drapery and butterscotch drapery.
The Federal Register posted a notice seeking industry comments, zeroing in on cotton and man-made fiber curtains and drapery.
The close, although by no means exact similarity of design between the Louvre drapery study and Ghirlandalo's S Giusto Virgin is an inescapable fact, despite attempts by some scholars in the pro Leonardo camp to minimise--or even disregard--this visual evidence.
15, in the Timken Art Gallery, San Diego, presents some distinct affinities in painted drapery style, faces, and landscape, despite the erosion and size differences between the two works.
The Glydea[TM] ZigBee[R] Plug-In Module provides embedded ZigBee[R] control of Somfy's line of Glydea drapery motors for integration with third party automation systems.
A well-established high-end drapery workroom that caters primarily to the design trade.
The company most noted for distributing the "E-Z Curtain Rod Bracket," has developed and are now marketing the, "Kwik-Hang Drapery Rod Bracket," the only drapery rod bracket on the market, the company claims, that doesn't require screws, nails, or a ton of hardware to install.
TRIPPLET PROJECT--PAGES 116-118: DINING ROOM: paint (ceiling): 2008-5c "Tomato Bisque" by Lowe's; artwork: Jackie Meena; drapery fabric: Schumacher, www.