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Drastic Technologies, based in Ontario, Canada, has been supplying a wide range of video solutions to the broadcast, production, graphics and scientific communities since 1991.
Kokichi Iramina, chairman of the Okinawa prefectural assembly, said that based on the course of negotiations over the case, ''a drastic revision is necessary by all means, as there are limitations to only revising the implementation of SOFA.
While it could take months, Sisson said it's the best method to avoid more drastic measures such as cutting services, layoffs, or raising fees.
In Dan Sullivan's view, he sees no need for any drastic action, and if you have a long-term disciplined strategy, stick with it.
Janet Davies, RCN executive director for service delivery, said: "Trusts are having to take drastic measures to reach the Government's target for resolving their financial problems by April next year.
I am sorry to disagree with the Daily News, but drastic measures have to be taken to curb the current immigration problems.
Under presidential order last month, NASA began a drastic redesign of Space Station Freedom aimed at halving development, transportation, and operating costs for the Earth-orbiting outpost.
However, the need for healthcare cost containment and drastic cuts in healthcare budgets are necessitating new approaches toward hospital management.
With all of these things you have to take a leap of faith and assume that all the health and safety aspects have been taken into account when you do something as drastic as that.
It is thought to be the first time that trade unions have taken such drastic action in the West Midlands.
It's a very drastic, big move,'' school board Vice President Marlene Canter said.
Chairman of the inquiry Lord Selborne (Con) said: ``The EU must take drastic measures to stop stocks being totally wiped out.