draw an inference

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Were Paul Worthington in the dock, the jury would be entitled to draw an inference from his refusal to answer questions.
I can draw an inference that in that car with you was the shotgun, loaded and ready to use.
There is no evidence indicating that Mr Hussain had formed a settled plan to attack a particular section of railway line but you may think that it would be reasonable to draw an inference that Mr Hussain had at the least contemplated the use of railway lines as a potential target for a terrorist attack.
If there is no explanation for moving the body and lying, you might be entitled to draw an inference that the person is guilty of murder.
Bain's counsel, Nicholas Ellis QC, told yesterday's hearing: "There already appear to be circumstances from which it would appear to be appropriate to draw an inference that the defenders are practically insolvent - or at least verging on it by not paying their debts as they fall due.
Before a court issues a sanction, the aggrieved party must bring forth "some evidence tending to show that the document actually destroyed or withheld is the one as to whose contents it is desired to draw an inference.
It is open to you to draw an inference that he has no recollection of what occurred.
The Article discusses some procedural implications of admitting a defendant's pretrial statements--in response to the prosecution's Agard argument, or simply in an effort to negate the possibility that the jury will draw an inference on its own even if the prosecutor makes no Agard argument.
The jury was thus invited to draw an inference that a man with a "fragrant wife" would not have sex with a prostitute.
At trial, the judge suggested to the jury that it could draw an inference of guilt from Mr Turcotte's refusal to answer, and he was convicted.
Peirsel's treatment of the patient's wound enabled the jury to draw an inference that these witnesses, if produced, would not have testified adversely.
Warrant (what gives you license to draw an inference from your grounds): Since effective argumentation is a criterion for being a good trial lawyer.