draw lots

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The retired planning official for Coventry City Council said yesterday: "Officers said they had a hat all ready to draw lots from after it was an apparent dead heat.
But with 695 children at five nurseries across South Wales, staff had to draw lots.
If a decision cannot be made after each case is investigated, they may have to draw lots.
The situation is even tougher for Pollard, who oversees a situation in which the men draw lots to determine who must die - and his nephew loses.
Most have to psyche themselves up for an hour before they draw lots for who has to go to the shops.
But as last season's North Midlands Cup winners Dudley Kingswinford now have automatic entry to the Tetley's following their promotion to National League Two North, county officials decided to draw lots to decide the other place.
Lawrence II from Kingston will accompany bateaux filled with costumed reenactors as they disembark and draw lots for their new homesteads on the Bay of Quinte and Hay Bay.