draw toward

See: gravitate
References in classic literature ?
The sun had set when we reached our garden and went down the draw toward the house.
I no sooner put the phone back in my pocket when the two bucks came trotting down a wooded draw toward my stand, The larger of the two, a nice 8-pointer, offered me a 27-yard broadside shot, which I successfully made.
The selection looks sure to find today's sharper 5f more suitable and has a good draw towards the middle in stall three.
A draw towards the middle of the park is no bad thing these days as a rail berth doesn't seem to do you any favours on the undulating Ripon track.
As we draw towards the 70th and 75th anniversaries of the key events of the war, I believe it is crucial that as many memories are gathered as possible.
His draw towards the inside in stall three is also fair enough, given that he is generally held up just behind the pace, and if he travels as well as he did when winning at Goodwood last August then he should be able to take a gap when it comes.
A draw towards the stands' rail looks essential, and McEvoy won't have any problem steering a path to the near side from stall 20.