drawn battle

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Such a long- drawn battle is neither good for the management nor the pilots.
Several of the ballot measures supported by Schwarzenegger - including one that would limit union use of members' dues for political causes and one that would increase the time it takes teachers to gain tenure - have drawn battle lines with the unions.
This is a comprehensive proposal that moves away from previously drawn battle lines, and is intended to advance the private negotiations urged by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Tourist chiefs have already drawn battle lines for a massive fightback to regain home trade.
Going into the dying minutes of last week's epic drawn battle Tipperary champions Moyle held a commanding five points lead but somehow managed to let it slip.
DEPUTIES have drawn battle lines on the issue of an amendment to the law on the sexual abuse of minors.
Sagna has been intertwined in a long drawn battle with the club regarding his contract and was set to leave this summer after refusing to accept a 12 month extension.
Incumbent board member Marty Bates' rejection of a $370,000 grant that would have provided child care funding for teen-age mothers to return to school has drawn battle lines in the race for two local seats on the county school board.
IN THE long- drawn battle with the Securities and Exchange Board of India ( Sebi), the Sahara Group has decided to submit new title deeds for properties worth ` 20,000 crore to the market regulator.
The President said that the ongoing war against militancy was a long drawn battle and fighting it militarily was just one component of the overall strategy.
Proponents and opponents already have drawn battle lines over the project, which Santa Clarita planning director Rich Henderson says is the biggest of its kind in the county.
Despite the heat, the BCCI is not ready to resort to the ultimate course of action -- going to court -- and is eager to end the long- drawn battle with the various government agencies soon.