dreadful event

See: tragedy
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One night, a few months after the dreadful event, my father and I walked home from the city.
She knows something, I am firmly convinced, of that dreadful event at Zeeland--and she has some reason for keeping it secret.
But even he was silenced (as Phoebe told me) by the dreadful event that happened in the house on the same day.
There is no use writing of the details of that dreadful event.
It was subsequently to these dreadful events that I waited on your excellency, to whom it would have been folly to have mentioned Benedetto, since all trace of him seemed entirely lost; or of my sister, since she was dead.
Yes, he dived in too soon to capitalise on this dreadful event in Libya but the fact that the USA could not protect one of its own ambassadors from a mob could be portrayed as a sign of American weakness.
Speaking in 10 Downing Street following talks with Irish Taioseach Enda Kenny, Mr Cameron said: "This was obviously an absolutely dreadful event that has taken place, and one's heart just goes out to those families in Kandahar who have suffered these appalling losses.
James Harvey Insole began building his mansion in Llandaff in the year of that dreadful event.
I learned during my visit to the UK that the schools are reacting to a most dreadful event, the horrific killing of children by a janitor, if I understand correctly.
They said: "We hope that if anything positive comes from this dreadful event, it is that others will make the right decisions to be safe.
This dreadful event has however shown the strength of the local community and I pay tribute to all the searchers for their efforts.
He added: "This area has suffered many tragedies over the last number of years and this is another dreadful event that will shock the entire community.