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I show positive or painful relationships, but also the complexity, the beautiful, and the dreadfulness at the same time and that this always applies to female relationships.
As a former defender himself, he must have appreciated the full dreadfulness of that second-half cave-in.
9) If these anti-apocalyptic stirrings are indeed rooted in the ability to recognize the "other", in the fullness and dreadfulness and fragility of their humanity, then, as Marc Ellis also prophecies, we may be called to a deeper ecumenism, called to map out the inhabitable terrain of a wider sensibility.
But words that convey the dreadfulness of their sad situation.
Their words legitimate the ritualisation of destruction, the exercise of science in its magnificent awfulness, its cataclysmic dreadfulness.
It may not be the likelihood but the dreadfulness of an event that accounts for statements of worry.
In support of that nostalgia, reference is made to the handful of segregated schools that were the clear exceptions to the dreadfulness associated with segregated schools.
Also, psychometric research suggests that each of these food hazards can be differentiated in terms of familiarity and dreadfulness.
Then, with seven minutes remaining, anarchy descended on a game that had been notable only for the dreadfulness of the play.
It is interesting that the conversation between Anne and the Admiral begins with a touch: he is so absorbed in the picture of the dreadful boat, fascinated, in fact, by its very dreadfulness, that she "might .
The dreadfulness of the situation--in his fine foreword, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen notes that the median age at death in sub-Saharan Africa is under five--can lead even the most committed humanitarian to despair.
For the sheer awesome dreadfulness of much government schooling in the United States is its own time-bomb, which will continue to tick away relentlessly even if--per impossibile--every other threat to America's social fabric were to cease.