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In fact, even if things don't work out between Stern and Flegel (they've been Skyping and texting and e-mailing), her writing has found a new, dreamier gear now, something even the unsentimental can embrace.
Even if you are hitched or semidetached, your partner can seem a whole lot dreamier and lovable than ususal.
Let's face it, dream jobs don't get much dreamier than this," says Dallas Campbell.
The view for passengers from the Dreamier jet will be through Alteos interactive window systems by PPG, commercial aviation's first electrochromic window shades, powered by an interactive system that passengers control.
Opener Arlington Way showcases her stillspectacular voice but, just as with Catatonia, the dreamier moments are where the magic is really to be found.
Dreamier than any of Madonna's electroncia excursions, the song builds on the strength of the women's masterful harmonies and reaffirming mantra of letting go of inhibitions and unleashing one's hidden potential.
The difference is that the new poems follow their images over longer passages, resulting in a softer, dreamier atmosphere, as if the poems were blurring at the edges.
A PETROLHEAD'S dream of a hot hatch just got dreamier.
Lopez-Cobos's interpretation of Iberia seems a bit softer and dreamier than the norm.
The Price of Milk'' itself is a movie that becomes dreamier and dreamier as it goes along, but never manages to cross the threshold into sublime, psychologically loaded surrealism.
Cotton, another "must have," is also being finished to be softer and dreamier than ever before.