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Photo Dreaming is "the most pure expression of the soul available to us," says psychoanalyst-author Robert Bosnak.
Lucid dreaming allows one to explore the dynamics of consciousness at a level seemingly impossible in our less-pliable waking life.
The thalamus, already linked to the processing of memories of emotional experiences, may reactivate emotional components of memories during dreaming, the scientists suggest in the Sept.
The conventional view of dreaming depicts it primarily as an unconscious release of emotions and impulses held in check during the day.
On three nights, they awakened subjects from all periods of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and asked them to recount what they were dreaming.
But the state of recurrent dreaming appears to be related to reports of decreased psychological well-being, regardless of the validity of psychoanalytic theory.
No conclusive results support any theory of dreaming or sleep, in her view.
Among the other new sayings that sweetly encourage dreaming a little dream are "New You," "Magic," "New Love," "Dream" and "Charm Me.
Brain scans obtained from sleeping men have helped illuminate the neural system that makes dreaming possible, reports a team of investigators.
For the researcher 570 people who confirmed that they have experienced lucid dreaming were surveyed.
The reason for dreaming is still a mystery for the researchers who study the difference between "high dream recallers," who recall dreams regularly, and "low dream recallers," who recall dreams rarely.