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Samadhi--State of consciousness independent of waking, dreaming or dreamless sleep accessible through meditation, righteous conduct and Divine grace.
Although we may not realize it, we experience our buddha-nature at times when the afflictions are thoroughly disabled, such as between thoughts, in dreamless sleep, at death, and so forth.
Nothing,"I said leaving him to fall into a dreamless sleep.
When it grew too hot for dreamless dozing, I picked up my tangle again, and went on ravelling it out, considering now the whole house of war in its structural aspect which was strategy, in its arrangements which were tactics, and in the sentiment to its inhabitants which was psychology; for my personal duty was command, and the commander, like the master architect, was responsible for all.
Finally, with Maria and I both still stroking him, the injection was administered and he slid away into that final dreamless sleep.
Self from self in the deep sleep of some dreamless night.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- While in deep dreamless sleep, our hippocampus sends messages to our cortex and changes its plasticity, possibly transferring recently acquired knowledge to long-term memory.
In the best of all possible worlds, after a festive feast and enlightening conversation with family and friends, we would drift off into a dreamless slumber.
24) Brecht's Philosopher acknowledged that 'Dreams can turn into plans' but was less interested in the 'artists who are plunged in mysticism' and more concerned with those who turned 'impatiently away from planless dreaming and go on to a dreamless planning' (p.
The brutally hard manual labor filled the long, scalding days, and sent me into a feathery, dreamless sleep in my tent at night.
Comforted by the steady sound of the boat heading towards safety, he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.
The video raises serious questions, but haunted by Martin's dreamless confidence, it can't charm its way out of a self-imposed loop.