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For much of photographer Duane Michals's formidable career, he's made visual poems--compelling, sometimes humorous dreamlike narratives told in pictures and handscrawled words.
Like the classical Japanese garden (Stein was much influenced by travels in Japan), the courtyard has a static, dreamlike quality derived from use of stone, one silver eucalyptus, a swathe of miniature bamboo and a plane of impossibly green grass maintained at a height of several inches.
KidsRoom2 will immerse children in an interactive, dreamlike experience, complete with talking furniture and animated playmates coupled with vivid action, music, light and sound.
In The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, the likably affect-less hero, Toru Okada, spends hours sitting at the bottom of a dry well; this parallels Kafka's dreamlike lovemaking with a woman approaching death, and the compelling scenes when he is on his own in the forest of spirits.
With a range of music from Vivaldi and Couperin to the hip-hop rhythms of DJ Tal, Paradis is everything its name suggests, a place where video images of pink flamingos, zebras, wandering children, jovial grandmothers, and giants collide with a melting pot of dancers in a dreamlike state of euphoria.
As far as painting goes, Aya Takano, Reiko Kasahara, Mahomi Kunikata, and Rei Sato were united in using watery, transparent acrylic to conjure dreamlike fantasies of girlhood in ways that emphasize precisely their unreality--yet at the same time the variously tender or biting color, line, and painterly touch they deploy help anchor their imagery in its specific physical embodiment.
As the child of a survivor, and the head of a company founded by one, Be'er copes with the tragedy in the only way possible--through the dreamlike filter of memory.
In Play>>, 2003, a brief, dreamlike color film shown on DVD, Finnish artist Liisa Lounila makes the decision for you: Luxuriate in looking.
War Kar-wai's tale of two neighbors who learn their spouses are having an affair smolders with mood and atmosphere, repression and longing, creating a dreamlike meditation on the nature of lost love.
Working with seven performers from Guinea and the Ivory Coast, and the American Carlos Funn, Lemon has created a meandering, dreamlike display in which a series of poetically associative images are linked by a fragmented, allusive text (by Tracie Morris), percussive and electronic music (the latter by Francisco Lopez and Paul D.
In this vast science fiction, we go from the "great departure" of objects to a drawing of a "factory of dreamlike Vaseline," then to a general view of the "pornosphere," a broad and very contemporary realm that serves and intensifies not only our sexual libido but our drive to consume.