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They dreamt that their mother Flopsy was tucking them up in a hay bed.
Still," said Sancho, "I would be glad if your worship would make Master Pedro ask his ape whether what happened your worship in the cave of Montesinos is true; for, begging your worship's pardon, I, for my part, take it to have been all flam and lies, or at any rate something you dreamt.
If it be that I had not dreamt, the Count must have carried me here.
But for a long time I dreamt on, till my eyes fell on the instruments hanging on the partition.
Then the staghounds woke, and began howling and baying; so that I dreamt fitfully, and scarcely slept until the approach of dawn.
Whenever I dozed I dreamt of horrible phantasms, of the death of the curate, or of sump- tuous dinners; but, asleep or awake, I felt a keen pain that urged me to drink again and again.