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Many Mansions (To my grandfather, the late 0liver Milo Dunn, born Terre Haute, died New Orleans, 1922) --1941-- My Father's house is starry with a vernal frost And brims with sounds of prayer; Its aisles like stone-wreathed paths Along a sacred wood, Evoking, as the autumn fades into November's drear, Memories of the graves of the forgotten good; And I recall again--how late
But the glass is dark and drear, Still as death the room; Scarce a fading taper there Flitted midst the gloom.
95, ISBN 0-027-42470-7 The House of Dies Drear (1st published in 1968), Pocket Books November 1984 (reissue) $5.
They are largely realized in light, but not the drear, endless fluorescent sub-glare of the soulless desert of the standardized office or factory.
Smith who, through flags, retains the sense of adventure and excitement he has known since boyhood adds: "The white and black come from the Templars, and I have adopted their motto: `Dear to my friends; drear to my foes.
In secret pleasure, secret tears, This changeful life has slipped away, As friendless after eighteen years, As lone as on my natal day There have been times, I cannot hide, There have been times when this was drear, When my sad soul forgot its pride And longed for one to love me here.
Subordinate command legal staffs were also with: the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment TOC, the 82d Airborne Division Main (DMAIN) and Division Rear (DREAR) elements at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) DMAIN and DREAR at Fort Campbell, Kentucky; and numerous National Guard and reserve units at both Fort Bragg and Fort Campbell.
Of course, Merrin leaves out the other rhymes that would be less appropriate: spear, drear, cheer, and steer.
He scorned "that drear old dreamy bachelor notion" that being one flesh means "being perfectly happy or perfectly good .
The DREAR should also have a construction-management section.
Not to mention the drear exigency of having to live like, rather than merely theorize, the proletarian--e.
In a few places so vivid they practically jump out from the surrounding drear, Frum offers facts or comparisons that dramatize how quickly the assumptions of American life can change.