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But anything like the utter dreariness and desolation that met my eyes when I literally 'tumbled up' on deck at noon, I never saw.
Strange as it always is to consider any assembly in the act of submissively resigning itself to the dreariness of some complacent person, lord or commoner, whom three-fourths of it could, by no human means, raise out of the slough of inanity to their own intellectual level, it was particularly strange, and it was even particularly affecting, to see this crowd of earnest faces, whose honesty in the main no competent observer free from bias could doubt, so agitated by such a leader.
The street is broad, the shops are spacious, the noise of passing vehicles, the footsteps of a perpetual stream of people--all the busy sounds of traffic, resound in it from morn to midnight; but the streets around are mean and close; poverty and debauchery lie festering in the crowded alleys; want and misfortune are pent up in the narrow prison; an air of gloom and dreariness seems, in my eyes at least, to hang about the scene, and to impart to it a squalid and sickly hue.
It was bad enough when they were simply dragging out this dreariness to breaking point with clips of spa treatments and Emma Willis's idiot-proof quiz - Question: "Torvill and Dean won Olympic gold in 1984 skating to which music?
There was, despite all the dreariness, plenty to keep your interest in this - at other times, very lively - opener, and much of it was down to two of the featured baddies: a psycho known as Jago (Paul Kaye - whose scary character couldn't have been further removed from Kaye's former alter ego Dennis Pennis) and a high-ranking drug dealer called Xavier (Lee Boardman - remember when he played the mean, moody and very menacing drug dealer Jez Quigley in Coronation Street?
The members of this group assume they are among the only survivors until a prophetic man intrudes to tell them that life beyond this dreariness exists in a place where normalcy and prosperity reign once again.
In the midst of constant dreariness, recurring horror and occasional atrocity, their concerns are youthfully mundane.
Earlier this month, a string of cloudy, cool, drizzly days set off talk among weather people that this month could approach almost sunless June 2009 in dreariness.
NEW YORK, May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- After months of dreariness, the unofficial arrival of summer brings sunshine and thoughts of better times.
Cleano is not the first one to suggest that I "lighten up" and see the Monarchy more as a tourist attraction or relief from the dreariness of life, rather than anything more serious.
A place where you are constantly told that a woman's place is at home in the kitchen and that you should wait for your prince charming to marry you and whisk you away from the dreariness of your existence.