dress down

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Throughout March we have paid to do dress down Fridays and people have been putting in their own donations as well.
8220;The March of Dimes Foundation is a fantastic organization that we are proud to donate the proceeds of our dress down Friday incentive to.
Another problem is that most people get confused when they have dress down days, as they tend to take it to extremes showing up in very relaxed outfits more fit for a day out.
He said: "Liverpool Unites is a charity close to all our hearts and we regularly organise fundraising activities, from donations for dress down days to some energetic staff taking part in the city's annual Santa Dash.
This is because of a) the influence of such factors as Dress Down Friday (extended, in many cases, to Dress Down Every Day) and the current trend towards abandoning ties; b) today's general culture of self-centeredness; and c) a failure to recognise that how you dress is a courtesy - or discourtesy - to others.
The Bellingham Moss Adams office has designated one Friday each month as Dress Down for Charity Day, an office sponsored day that supports a more casual dress code, and provides an opportunity to donate to a worthy cause.
You feel a bit aggrieved having to change for the protesters, but the company asked us to dress down, so we did," he said.
Around 2000, tie sales were falling as casual dressing and dress down Fridays became the norm in offices, and working from home started to rise.
Workers have said 'get knotted' to ties as a growing number of firms allow their staff to dress down Research shows the casual approach to wearing clothes has paid dividends, with four out of five companies reporting increased productivity among staff if they did not have to wear formal clothes, the study revealed.
The question compelled her to revisit the shocking truth of her family history, and she vividly presents the story of her father with no attempt to dress down the ugliness of what happened to him.
In a mock display of decency, she pulled the dress down to cover herself.