dress down

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Four out of five small businesses which have a dress down policy introduced it within the last 12 months.
FASHION experts are warning it's time to ditch the little black dress for this year's festive season and dress down with casual glamour.
If we have to meet clients on a Friday, we tell them: `We'll be casually dressed', and if they come to our office, often they dress down themselves.
When employees are told that they can ``dress down'' and the guidelines are vague at best, the employees will dress down - in many cases, way down.
And it is businesses in London and Birmingham that are most likely to have a dress down policy (26 per cent and 24 per cent respectively) whilst Scottish Businesses are least likely (13 per cent).
So as we head towards March, cast off those heavy clothes of winter and start to dress down for spring.
Most business people still prefer to wear suits to work, despite some encouragement to dress down.
Dress down Friday in the 80s became dress down all week long, and the suit was suddenly out in the world of work.
Executives who leave their pin-stripe suit on the coat-hanger and dress down for the office are blamed for tough trading conditions in the formal menswear market.
Hearing dogs for deaf people was the selected charity to benefit from the latest dress down day.
But all is not lost, the dress-down suit is here - all the benefits of fine tailoring and immaculate appearance to make the dress down a bit more dress up.