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She has a handbag and a tin of hair lacquer with her, sunglasses and a dressing gown and wig.
And my top clothing tip for anyone considering parenthood; the soft brushed cotton dressing gown with a very functional and effective belt to protect any relatives staying in the house.
Dressing gown, PS25; bra (sizes 32B-38DD), PS10; knickers (sizes 8-20), PS5
Wearing nothing but his dressing gown, he chased after four teenagers barefoot.
30pm who found him lying on the floor with one end of a dressing gown cord wrapped loosely around his neck and the other end attached to a door handle.
The cute pooch was also wearing a white dressing gown and looked rather sleepy in Tamara's arms.
One look at themselves in a dressing gown in a mirror at the end of a week of hot water and lemon juice will confirm they actually look fatter.
So I ripped off my dressing gown to discover there was this huge burn mark all across the back of it.
Sometimes I feel like stringing myself up with the dressing gown cord.
Scarpia's tight gray waistcoat and long Asian-style dressing gown are equally wonderful.
Jokingly referring to her as a "troublemaker", Belfast-born Branagh said: "I went into her dressing room one night and she was in her dressing gown.