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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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Mick Ireland, watch manager at Stockton Fire Station, said: "It was a tumble drier in a garage.
It is believed an electrical fault caused the drier to overheat and burst into flames.
The Global Metal Drier Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global metal drier industry.
Emma Sharples, meteorologist for the Met Office, said: "It will be a much drier day in comparison to Friday and Saturday where we have had a fair few heavy and thundery showers.
With this in mind, The Head Drier Cap has been conceived.
Also, when humidity is low, our nasal passages are drier, which helps the virus stick.
AFTER the first snowflakes descended fluttered down this week, Wales enjoyed somewhat drier weather yesterday - although the bracing cold remained.
Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land: Lessons from Desert Farmers on Adapting to Climate Uncertainty provides a powerful account from one of the world's experts on the agricultural traditions of arid lands and uses knowledge of desert farmers around the world to compile and assess time-tried strategies.
The drier recipe consisted of using the primary drier cobalt (0.
1% weight to 3% weight of least one metal drier, wherein the metal drier is a metal salt of an organic acid, and wherein the metal is comprised of Co, Mn, Pb, Ce, Zr, Ca, Zn, Bi, Cu, Cr, Li, K, Ni, Mg and mixtures and combinations thereof, and a second component B, comprised of 0.
CLINTON - The cause of an explosion in a gas-powered clothes drier that sparked a small house fire at 3 Woodruff Road Monday afternoon is under investigation by the state Fire Marshal, a spokeswoman said.
An increase in lightning activity will have particular impact in areas that become warmer and drier as global warming progresses, including the Mediterranean and the Southern United States, according to the 2007 United Nations report on climate change.