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It's not nice, drifty, atmospheric kind of soundscapes, it's quite pure, resonant, frequencies.
As the sun set, Physical Therapy played a brilliant DJ set packed with great remixes and pretty much every song we've been jamming in the office, and then DIIV set up in the corner, wearing dresses and playing a selection of drifty and amazing songs from their recently released debut LP, Oshin.
She remembered, as she signed the paper put in front of her, her heart hammering against her eardrums, the checkbook she was given on that day--the pebbled, faux leather cover, so much like the grey-blue color of her father's sweet, drifty eyes.
The markets have done pretty well to consolidate -- we're probably four weeks away from major earnings results and it will be sideways and drifty until then," Matthew Wakeman, EFG-Hermes managing director for cash and equity-linked trading, told Reuters.